Must-Have : Mudrooms

A mudroom is a smart space to keep outdoor items away from the pristine interior. The mudroom will usually consist of a bench, coat hooks, shoe racks, and sometimes can even function as your laundry room. It is a room that has recently gained a lot of popularity, and we can see why.

Having a mudroom means much less maintenance. When your family comes home, this is the area where they can take any and all dirty items off and leave them. This means no more tracking mud, snow and dirt throughout the house! Having one spot to collect the majority of dirt will limit your cleaning time.

The mudroom will be the place for all your outdoor, school and work gear and will allow everything you need to get up and go to be in one place. You can get creative and add cubbies for each member of the family as designated storage space which will help keep clutter off your floors and kitchen tables.

Mudrooms are an easy addition that will add functionality and beauty to your home, and we are ready to help! Call us today and let us help you bring your mudroom dreams to life.