What to expect when expecting a renovation

If you’ve already chosen your general contractor, you have most likely done so based on their years of knowledge and expertise in the industry, so let them do what they do best so you and your family can start this wonderful new journey. Here are some suggestions on what you can expect during your renovation or addition and how you can help make this process go as smoothly as possible.

1.) Decisions, decisions Your contractor will give you the best options and help you make the best decisions. You will be involved in the decision making process since the renovation is all about you and what you want. Working together as a team will make this process as easy as possible.

2.) Dust in the wind During the renovation process, you can expect dust and debris to flutter through the air. The more you protect your belongings (try putting objects in plastic sealed bins or wrapping them in cloth), the less there will be to clean.

3.) Handle with care Anything fragile should be put away and protected. It’s a good idea to remove all pictures from the walls. Even if you’re only renovating your first floor kitchen, you should still remove anything fragile from the walls on the first floor and second floor as well. There will be a lot of shifting and movement, so better safe than sorry. If this is a big concern for you and you really want to ease your worries, see if a friend or family member can hold your fragile belongings until renovations are completed.

4.) Turn up the volume Noise will be a constant, resulting in little peace or quiet for you. If you’re a fan of a quick mid afternoon nap, it’s probably a good idea to head to a friend’s house and utilize their couch.

5.) Landscape wear and tear Lots of foot traffic and construction vehicles may cause damage to your yard. One option is to move plants from your yard and plant them in a nursery until renovations are complete. If you’re an avid gardener and have any questions or concerns, please voice them to your contractor for help and advice.

6.) Change orders There may be new changes that emerge during your renovations that can cause an increase in costs. A good contractor will talk to you about these changes as they arise and document them to avoid unexpected billing in the mail.

7.) Delays Your contractor will give you a rough estimate of how long your project will take, but you should always prepare for hiccups (order delays, weather delays, etc). Your contractor will do anything and everything in their power to complete your project on schedule, but always anticipate that your renovations may take longer than expected.

8.) Focus on the finish line Living without a completed kitchen or bathroom or whatever it may be that you’re renovating can be painful and stressful. The best advice we can give is to focus on the day that this process is all over, the day your dream home becomes your reality, and it’ll make it that much easier to stick it out. Try to take photos before, during and after your renovation so that if you start to feel overwhelmed mid-reno, you can look back at the before pictures and see just how far you’ve come.

9.) Communication is key We welcome any questions or concerns and will address them promptly. Set up regular meetings with your contractor so that you will have every opportunity to ask questions and give suggestions. Take it upon yourself to inspect the work after any major step in the process so that you may voice any issues before the next major step begins. We are here to help. Not only are we building you a new part of your home, we are also building relationships that we hope will last a lifetime.

10.) Expect a party Once the renovation process is complete, expect to plan a party to show everyone your amazing new home. It’ll be a gratifying experience and you will realize that all was worth it.