Magical Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is the most personal space in your home, so it’s only right to create the master bedroom of your dreams…get it? Dreams? Sleep? You get the point. Let’s talk about how to create your ideal sleep sanctuary.

1.) Color Palette: The color scheme you choose for your bedroom can have a major mental and emotional impact. Calm, soothing colors are best for the bedroom. Greens, greys and pastels will put your mind at ease and help relax you before bedtime.

2.) Room Temperature: We all know that sleeping in a room that’s either too hot or too cold is near impossible. Add a thermostat unit into your bedroom and keep the temperature at a setting ideal for your personal sleeping conditions.

3.) Darkness: Keeping your bedroom dark means you’ll have a sound sleep. Light blocking curtains will assure that you sleep until your alarm goes off (and they will really help you sleep in on the weekends). Think about putting phones, computers and LED clocks in your night stand drawer to assure that you will not be disturbed.

4.) No Clutter Zone: Keeping clutter to a minimum is essential for your ideal master bedroom. This is the space where you can go to clear your mind and relax, and keeping it clutter free will help keep your mind clutter free as well.

5.) Quality Mattress: Memory foam, pillow top, waterbeds…with endless options, it’s easy to find a mattress that suits your needs. Having a good quality mattress is one of the top ways to ensure good quality sleep.

We’re here to help. Let Snell Construction work with you to make sure your master bedroom is a pleasure to step into every evening for years to come.