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Deck Out Your Deck

Summer time calls for longer days, warmer nights and amazing outdoor parties. If your deck is the hangout spot in the summer, you want to make sure it’s decorated properly for the occasion.

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Comfortability is key. Find comfy outdoor furniture with waterproof fabric so your guests will feel at home. Having plenty of pillows will amp up the coziness and adding an outdoor rug will amp it up even more so…and having a hammock is never a bad idea. Make sure you have a table with plenty of space for people to set down their hamburgers and hot dogs! Warm party lights will perfect the night time ambiance, and adding a little fire pit won’t hurt either.

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Add lots of greenery to enhance your outdoor space. Plant a few flower bushes around the outside perimeter of your deck and add some hanging foliage through out. If your space allows and you feel like you need to, cover the sitting area on your deck with a canvas to create the right amount of airy shade.

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One of our personal favorite ways to take your deck over the top? Outdoor kitchen. Most people consider the kitchen the heart of their home, so why wouldn’t you want to add another one to your deck? Add in a television and a mini fridge and you’ll have no need to go inside!

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Time to have that perfect backyard barbecue!