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Signs You’re Ready To Build A New Home

You’ve thought about it. Then thought about it some more. And thought about it some more. You know what you want and what you don’t want. You have ideas in your head and written down on little notepads throughout your home. You know that this is the right move and you’re ready to take the […]

Choosing your Custom Design

When working with a custom builder, there are a lot of questions you have to ask yourself before you start working on designs. Here are three questions to get your imagination flowing and to make the process a bit easier. What qualities of your current home do you like the most?Think of all the qualities […]

Spring Into Spring

Spring is coming! Time for spring cleaning…and spring decorating! Here’s a few ideas on how to transition your home with the season. Time for bright colors! Replace your deep jewel toned blankets and throw pillows with something a bit brighter (think yellows, light blues and pastels). If you can, add some bright artwork into your […]

Mixing Modern and Traditional Furniture

When building and planning a new custom home, most people love a modern feel, where everything feels fresh and new. But what about the old couch that you inherited from your great-great-grand parents that you just don’t have the heart to get rid of? Let’s go over a few quick ways to mix modern decor […]

Prep Your Kitchen For The Holidays (Or Any Day)

As we write this, Easter is 45 days away. As we all have learned by now, time flies, so we might as well say Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Christmas are right around the corner. If you’ve decided to host a holiday dinner at your home, things can get pretty stressful. Here’s a checklist to reference […]

Throw The Perfect House Warming Party

You’re all moved in to your new custom built home. Your state of the art kitchen is waiting to be put to use, and your living area is the perfect place to sit around and chat for hours with family and friends. What better way to show off your new home than to have a […]

Don’t Disregard Your Garage

You’ve spent hours upon hours racking your brain (and Google) for inspiration and ideas on things you’d love to incorporate into your new kitchen, living room and bedroom. Totally understandable, we get it…but what about your garage? Your garage is essentially an extension of your home, so it would only make sense to start focusing […]

How Interior Paint Colors Affect Your Mood

Blue – This color will clear your mind and help you feel calm and relaxed. Be sure to stick to light, warm shades of blue as pastel blues can make the room feel cold. Best used in bedrooms, offices and bathrooms. Purple – The historical color of royalty. Deep purples are sophisticated, romantic and luxurious. […]

Six Home Improvements that add the Most Value

Have no fear, Snell Construction is here…to help you make the most out of your renovations! Here’s a list of six home improvements that can increase the value of your home. 1.) Kitchen Renovation The kitchen is the central gathering place. Making even just simplest of updates such as the cabinetry, countertops and appliances can […]

Work from home…in style!

Having a home office can be extremely convenient. Whether you work from home full time, commute to work all week and occasionally have to bring some paper work home with you to execute over the weekend or sit in the home office once a month just to pay bills, you’ll want to keep the space […]