6 Interior Design Tips & Tricks

Here at Snell Construction, we can custom build your house to suit your every need, but it’s up to you to make it feel like home. Let’s go over some tips and tricks on how to decorate your new house so it feels like yours.

1.) Add Mirrors

Mirrors are a great trick to make a smaller space seem larger and, when placed directly across from a window, will instantly brighten up your home. Don’t just stick to your regular ol’ rectangular mirrors, though. Consider the shape and style of the room and choose a frame that best reflects that (no pun intended).

2.) Keen on Green

Adding plants is an inexpensive way to accessorize and bring color and texture to your home. Not only are plants absolutely gorgeous, but they can also help to absorb pollutants and keep the household air clean. Win, win!

3.) Accent Pieces

Keep your couch a neutral shade and switch out different colored/textured decorative pillows and throw blankets depending on the season or your mood. It’s an easy way to switch up the vibe of the space and cheaper than having to buy a new couch if you decide you want to alter color schemes.

4.) Area Rugs

Area rugs add warmth, personality and color to any living space. Hardwood floors are easy to maintain, but they lack the comfort that carpeted floors offer. You can add rugs of the same color but different textures to keep things a little bit interesting, or go all out and add different colored and different patterned area rugs to show off your spunk. Just like the throw blankets and decorative pillows, you can change out your rugs with the change of the seasons.

5.) Mixed Metals

Two to three different colored metal accents (think gold, rose gold and silver) is a tasteful way to create balance and definition. A gold end table with a silver lamp on top and a rose gold mirror hanging on the wall behind is just one of many different ways you can incorporate mixed metals into your home.

6.) Add Artwork

Artwork can make a statement. It can be bold and influence your design or color palette, or it can be subtle to add a hint of sophistication. It will inspire you and transform your space into something amazing. Having a rotating gallery of artwork can be an easy way to bring on a new perspective and can inspire you and those around you. You can’t go wrong with adding some art!

We hope these tips and tricks help you totally transform your space. Let Snell Construction build your house, and let yourself make it a home.

Must-Have : Mudrooms

A mudroom is a smart space to keep outdoor items away from the pristine interior. The mudroom will usually consist of a bench, coat hooks, shoe racks, and sometimes can even function as your laundry room. It is a room that has recently gained a lot of popularity, and we can see why.

Having a mudroom means much less maintenance. When your family comes home, this is the area where they can take any and all dirty items off and leave them. This means no more tracking mud, snow and dirt throughout the house! Having one spot to collect the majority of dirt will limit your cleaning time.

The mudroom will be the place for all your outdoor, school and work gear and will allow everything you need to get up and go to be in one place. You can get creative and add cubbies for each member of the family as designated storage space which will help keep clutter off your floors and kitchen tables.

Mudrooms are an easy addition that will add functionality and beauty to your home, and we are ready to help! Call us today and let us help you bring your mudroom dreams to life.

The Kitchen of your Dreams!

The kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where you eat and entertain. It’s where you make memories with loved ones. When working with Snell Construction, you can build the kitchen of your dreams.

Let’s start off with how much space you have and/or want. Everybody wants a kitchen where they not only can cook, but they can hangout and entertain. In most cases, the kitchen is the gathering spot when you have company over. Let’s make sure you have enough room to comfortably fit everybody…and the food!

What’s your style? Are you more modern, traditional, or transitional? Modern style kitchens will more than likely boast clean lines and edges, stainless steel appliances, and sleek cabinets. Traditional style kitchens will be cozy, classic and feel like “home”. Think natural wood and lots of personal décor (family photos, report cards hanging on the refrigerator, etc). If you like a more transitional style kitchen, you will have a mixture of both modern and traditional: custom countertops, simple accents AND a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Cabinets are an important part of the décor. Glass panes, wood, the possibilities are endless. A new trend is adding cabinets that are a different color than the rest of the kitchen (think green, navy blue, and red). This will add a pop of color to the kitchen and make it unique. You can also add open shelves instead of cabinets to make the place feel more open.

View from dining area overlooking spacious kitchen

Believe it or not, the sink can have a major effect on the ambiance and feel of your kitchen. Do you want a stainless steel sink or a more contemporary option? It’s totally up to you! Do you want a sink with a tall faucet? Do you want a sink deep enough for filling pots? Do some digging and find one that suits your needs, your wants and your style.

Invest in high quality appliances that will last you years and years. Double ovens, a built in refrigerator, a high tech microwave…the appliances are one of the most important decisions you will make when designing your new kitchen.

Walk-in pantries are all the rage. Leaving yourself plenty of storage space will allow the kitchen area to feel less cluttered and full. This accessible area will be the place to store the luxurious pots, pans and dishes that you only bring out on special occasions. A walk-in pantry is efficient and effective.

Do you want a traditional island, or would you rather have a large dining table instead? If you do want an island, what type of finish? Granite? Silestone? You can have it match your countertops or even your cabinets, or make it a totally different color scheme and texture to add a little bit of quirkiness.

Designing a custom kitchen isn’t easy, and that’s why we’re here to help! Give us a call and see what our craftsmanship and compassion can do for you!