Building Custom vs Buying Existing

Your home is the hub of everything that goes on in your life. Holidays, get togethers, family dinners…your home is part of your family’s story and your personal journey. Here at Snell Construction, we custom build the house of your dreams.

Does your family like to entertain? If so, let’s create a large living room that will be the center of everything, perfect for Sunday Football parties.
Do you like to cook? Let’s create a gourmet kitchen with all the latest and greatest technology, so you can host the dinner party of a lifetime.
Love the sun? Let’s build the perfect outdoor living addition so you can feel the warmth of the sunshine all year long.

Building a custom home will ensure that your home is designed for YOU. Custom built houses are thoughtful, intentional, and fit exactly to your taste. I’m sure you’ve walked through different homes that are on the market and thought, “Well, this is nice, but I would change this, this, and this, and add this, this, and this…” No need to worry about that when building custom. Every room in the house and every design element and wall color is tailored specifically for you and your family.

Custom built houses are move-in ready. Forget about clearing out all the old junk left behind from the previous owners. When you work with Snell Construction, your house will be in tip top shape by the time you’re ready to pack up all your belongings and start your new journey in your new home.

Custom built homes are low maintenance. Everything is new! No need to worry about upgrading for the years to come…custom homes are built for your future. You can kick back and relax in your brand new living room and feel at ease, knowing that no improvements will need to be made for a long, long time.

Custom building allows direct personal interaction between us and you. Allowing us to get to know you and your family will help us translate personal touches in our building process that are unique to you. Yes we build custom houses, but we also build relationships with our clients that last a lifetime, and that is more valuable to us than anything.

Now close your eyes, imagine your dream home, give us a call…and let’s get building!!

The Two C’s
Welcome to our new blog! Let us tell you a little bit about who we are and what our mission is. Here at Snell Construction, we pride ourselves on craftsmanship and compassion. What exactly does that mean? Well, we’re here to tell you.
Simply put, we create cutting edge, personalized, high quality design and work from the ground up, and we do that with our clients in mind. Not only do we custom build houses, but we put our hearts into it, making sure your wants and needs are exceeded beyond your imagination.
Working with owner Patrick Snell, you will quickly be able to see his true creative vision. His top notch crew has some of the best finish carpentry that the industry has to offer. Patrick and his crew support local businesses, working with the best local architects, surveyors, and vendors around. The two C’s are what set us aside from others, and Patrick has been proving that for the past 22 years.
Starting from scratch, Patrick can take your dream and make it a reality. You will be in awe at how he is able to transform any room and exceed any and all expectations. Give us a call and see for yourself!