Keep your home safe while you’re on vacation!

It’s vacation season!

– Ask a friend to check on your home: Ask your neighbor or friend to drive or walk by your home once every day or so and check on your place. If you have pets, give someone a key to keep while you’re gone so they can feed your cat or walk your dog. Be sure to repay them for their help by leaving some irresistible snacks in the cabinet for them to enjoy.

– Keep social media posts private: We know how tempting it is to post lavish beach pictures and make everyone jealous (we all do it), but try to think before doing so. Facebook does let you control who can and can not see your posts to a certain extent, but sometimes your post reach is larger than you think and may possibly reach someone you don’t know. Your best bet is to wait until you’re home safe and sound to post that picture of your margarita in the sand.

– Unplug appliances: Unplug your television, computer, toaster oven and other appliances to protect them from power surges. This will help you save power as well as many appliances still draw energy even when turned off.

– Remove spare key from under your mat: If a criminal is somehow able to figure out that you’ve gone on vacation, it’s likely that they’ll start checking your porch for a spare key, so be sure to remove it before you leave.

– Store valuables securely: Keep valuables out of view from your windows and away from peeping toms. Having a locked safe is a great way to do this. Store all your valuables inside it and keep it hidden under your bed while you’re away.

– Consider a light switch timer: A light switch timer will turn your lights on and off according to a programmed schedule, and if a criminal is keeping an eye on your house, they will assume someone is home flipping the light switch.

– Invest in a home security system: With many different options to choose from, a home security system is an added level of protection. You can even keep an eye on your home right from your phone!